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The Googan Squad Zinger: How To Fish The Googan Spinnerbait

The Googan Squad Zinger: How To Fish The Googan Spinnerbait

The Googan Squad Zinger is here! Whether the water is muddy or clear or hot or cold, a spinnerbait will produce bass throughout any of the four seasons.

Available in 3/8- and 1/2-ounce size options, the Googan Squad Spinnerbait gives you the versatility to fish this blade bait in shallow, mid-depth and deep water. The lure stands out from other blade baits with the Googan Squad “G” designed into the spinnerbait’s eyes. The spinnerbait features a hand-tied skirt, sharp hook and a built-in keeper for keeping plastic trailers securely on the bait.


The Googan Squad Zinger: 1/2 Oz. Model

I rely on a 1/2-ounce Googan Squad Zinger for slow-rolling in off-colored water on sunny days along chunk or ledge rock banks in the winter and early spring. You should retrieve the lure slowly so its blades are barely moving and it is constantly bumping into the rocky bottom. The heavier spinnerbait also produces for me when night fishing during the heat of summer. If it’s a windy night and I am having trouble feeling a plastic worm in deep water, I switch to the spinnerbait and slow roll it along bluffs or through brush piles in depths of 15 to 20 feet.

Have To Have The 1/2 Oz. Zinger


The 1/2-ounce model is also great in the late fall when bass start shying away from buzz baits, like the Googan Sqaud Hummer. Waking a spinnerbait along the surface of main and secondary points triggers strikes from bass that short strike your buzz bait. Make sure you retrieve the lure at a pace in which the spinnerbait’s blades are bulging the surface but not breaking through the water. If bass are also short-striking your waking spinnerbait, slightly slow down your retrieve so it runs a couple of feet under the surface to catch these fish.

The Googan Squad Zinger: 3/8 Oz. Model


The 3/8-ounce spinnerbait works great for fishing in clearer water and in the shallows. I switch to this smaller blade bait when the water temperature climbs into the 55-to 65-degree range in the spring and bass are moving into shallow spawning pockets. When the wind blows in the spring, throw the spinnerbait around any shallow cover and retrieve it at a steady medium speed. Try to bump the lure into cover to coax bites from bass hiding in bushes or laydown logs.

Keep It Right, Keep It Light

Running the lightweight spinnerbait over the tops of submerged grass is also a productive tactic for springtime bass. You can also catch bass on this blade bait wherever the wind blows into edges of weed lines. From early to mid-autumn is an awesome time to throw the 3/8-ounce spinnerbait because the lure’s blade sizes match the size of the baitfish bass are eating then. Cast to any busting action you see on the surface and retrieve the spinnerbait quickly so it runs within 1-to-2 feet of the surface. You should also throw your spinnerbait along any banks where wind breaks up the balls of baitfish.

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