How To Choose The Right Hook! | Bass Fishing Video Tips

Size really does matter when matching hook sizes with various soft plastic bass baits. The hook gap (area between the shank and hook point) has evolved into a key feature over the years with the introduction of several new soft plastic baits. The size of a hook is given in terms of the width of the hook’s gap; the most popular bass fishing sizes are listed as number 2, number 1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, and 5/0. Hook selection is a personal choice for various soft plastics, but certain lures require particular types of hooks in certain sizes. Here, Jordan breaks down different styles of hooks and sizes and what’s best for different styles of soft plastics.


Jordan showcases three bass hook styles in this video, with each one having its unique time, place, and situation where it will work best. Offset worm hooks work best with soft plastic worms and flukes because of their thin bodies. For bulkier soft plastics like creature or crawfish style baits, you’ll want to jump up to an Extra Wide Gap hook, commonly called an EWG.

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