Product Details

BioSpawn ExoRibbon

The BioSpawn ExoRibbon is a genetically engineered take on the classic ribbon worm style bait. A slender and dynamic ribbed body transitions seamlessly into a BioSpawn logo inspired ribbon tail finish. The fluttering tail will leave anglers and fish drooling. The ExoSkeleton design in the ExoRibbon will help displace a ton of water. This ribbon tail worm is the perfect combination for any Texas rig, Carolina rig, and shaky head. This new bait is sure to become a top fish catcher for many experienced anglers looking for the newest innovation in the industry. The BioSpawn ExoRibbon features a jointed exoskeleton has a classic ribbon tail inspired profile with a BioSpawn finish. Like all our other baits, the BioSpawn ExoRibbon is scented with BioScent™.

Gear Recommendations: 
Fluorocarbon 10-20lb or 20-40lb Braided line
Medium to heavy power casting rod with a fast action 
6.4:1 - 7.3:1 gear ratio casting reel
3/0 - 4/0 EWG or Offset worm hook (7 Inch)
4/0 - 6/0 EWG or Offset worm hook (10 Inch)

Pro Tips: Use the ExoRibbon when looking for a worm with lots of action, make sure to bury the hook point back into the body to prevent snags. When fishing it weightless, utilize a stop & go method to bring it past vegetation and any other structure. When bottom fishing it on a Texas or Carolina rig, hop or drag it along the bottom. Be sure to set the hook well, as the hook point has to go through the plastic and then penetrate the bass’ mouth.

Product Specs

Length: 7''
Pack Size: 8 pack
Coming Soon: 10" - 6 pack