2021 Ice Fishing Guide: All The Bait & Tackle You Need This Season

Karl’s Shop loaded up for the 2021 ice fishing season with some of the essential gear anglers will be looking for this hard water season. This list includes twenty of our favorite ice fishing items available today, from fishing rods to safety equipment.

Get a headstart and gear up with these awesome deals:
13 Fishing Thermo Ice Combo
$29.99 Price

When it comes to combo rod and reel packages, the 13 Fishing Wicked Longstem Ice Combo is a tough competitor. The rod has a graphite composition and performance guides for lightweight precision. An Evolve Carbon Reel Seat and spinning reel with five ball bearings enhance the action and outfit you for competition and the every day outing. The defrost reel lubricant ensures the temperature doesn’t hinder your performance.

Frabill Ice Safety Kit
$13.59 Karl’s Club Member Price
$16.99 Non-Member Price

Ice fishing can be as dangerous as it is fun, and the Frabill Ice Safety Kit is an important tool for every outing. The kit contains a whistle, retractable ice picks, and one pair of XL ice creepers (cleat type shoes). Compact and easy to carry potentially life-saving devices. Safety has been considered at every turn: the ice picks even have a feature that hides the spike so it doesn’t accidentally injure anyone.

Sufix Performance Tip-Up Ice Braid
$13.59 Karl’s Club Member Price
$16.99 Non-Member Price

Ice fishing can be tough, so many ice anglers increase their chances of landing fish by using tip-ups or set lines. The added presentation from a tip-up can help turn slow days into memorable ones. When tip-up fishing, it’s important to have a line you can depend on. The Sufix Performance Tip-Up Ice Braid has everything you need in a quality braided line. It’s strong, resistant to ice, and thick as heck. This makes it much easier to manage when compared to thinner braided fishing lines. Rig up your favorite tip-up with the Sufix Tip-Up Ice Braid and you’ll be yelling FLAG in no time.

Gruv Fishing Micro Jig Box
$14.40 Karl’s Club Member Price
$18.00 Non-Member Price

For as effective as small jigs can be, they can also be that easy to misplace in a larger tackle box. With the Micro Jig Box from Gruv Fishing, you need not worry about losing your small jigs, and you especially don’t need to worry about your small jigs clumping together, a headache-inducing phenomenon that can keep you from maximizing your time on the water. A silicone slit system keeps the hooks of the jig set in a fixed place, preventing them from getting loose and tangling with other jigs. A dense polycarbonate build keeps the box strong and able to withstand wear and tear with ease.

Frabill Classic Wood Tip-Up
$19.99 Karl’s Club Member Price
$24.99 Non-Member Price

The Frabill Classic Wood Tip-Up is the tool you need for pulling pike, bass, and walleye up through the ice. This device is sensitive enough to provide real-time notification needed to detect finicky bites and buttery-smooth spool reel helps prevent fish from dropping your bait. Complete with two trip settings – One with extra sensitivity for smaller baits and calm days. The heavy trip setting works best on windy days and with bigger baits.

Frabill Blackhawk Tip-Up
$11.99 Karl’s Club Member Price
$14.99 Non-Member Price

With the Frabill Blackhawk Tip-Up there are even more options of trip settings than on traditional tip-ups, making this device extremely responsive. With a base width of 3 and ⅛ inch and a base length of 17 ⅞, it is well-suited for both strength and easy carrying. A built-in ruler and blaze orange flag are nice added features. Also complete with sub-zero low temp lube and a plastic spool.

Lunkerhunt Icy Glide
$3.59 Karl’s Club Member Price
$4.49 Non-Member Price

The Lunkerhunt Icy Glide has a sleek design and slim body that can zip through the water. At 1 ⅛ an inch it works great for panfish. A large single eye catches attention with its realistic quality. As an added bonus, metallic arms flash through the water creating the frenzy the fish desire.

Eurotackle Z-Viber Micro
$4.79 Karl’s Club Member Price
$5.99 Non-Member Price

The Euro Tackle Z Series is a collection of premium hard bait lures designed to mimic the natural look and action of forage and baitfish. Each bait in the Z series line up will help you fish more effectively. Built with premium components and optimal design features, the Euro Tackle Z Series will not let you down.

Kenders Outdoors Metallic Tungsten Jig
$1.99 Karl’s Club Member Price
$2.49 Non-Member Price

Kenders Outdoors Metallic Tungsten Jigs really make the most of the available light to catch lots of fish. The tungsten body gets down fast and gives some feel, while the Kenders Outdoors Metallic Tungsten Jig’s body shape reflects light in all directions to attract feeding fish. An awesome option to up your catches on the ice.

Lunkerhunt Straight Up
$5.59 Karl’s Club Member Price
$6.99 Non-Member Price

Lunkerhunt Straight Up jigs are some of the best at creating baitfish patterns to catch fish in all types of conditions. You can work this vertical jig aggressively for reaction strikes or slowly for feeding strikes. These jigs have a gliding descent and are commonly used for ice fishing but can be a great option for open water fishing by bass or walleye anglers. Lifelike detail on a classic design, featuring fixed hooks front and bank and a treble hook on the belly, will help you catch more fish and a greater variety of species.

13 Fishing Micro Magic Man
$6.39 Karl’s Club Member Price
$7.99 Non-Member Price

The full, wide-bodied 13 Fishing Micro Magic Man has life-like action whether you are working it or stopping it. Both when moving through the water and when on its side, its shiny finish flashes at all the fish, and works together with the rattle to bring them in for a taste.To ensure they stay, the lure is outfitted with a set of treble hooks and a realistic eye. This works great ice fishing or in clear water when smaller bait is the choice of the day.

Rapala Jigging Rap
$5.03 Karl’s Club Member Price
$6.29 Non-Member Price

The Rapala Jigging Rap is perfect for both ice fishing and open water fishing, and catches everything from bass, panfish, walleye, crappie, and pretty much anything else! In the cold tundra, this lure has a tail fin, allowing it to swim in wide circles. It also has a baitfish profile, perfect for fooling fish into your ice bucket. Its ability to be jigged vertically makes it feel just as at home in the hot days of July and August promising to bring in an abundance of different species of fish. With a variety of colors and sizes this lure can fish anywhere, and catch almost anything.

Eurotackle Z-Viber
$4.79 Karl’s Club Member Price
$5.99 Non-Member Price

The Euro Tackle Z Series is a collection of premium hard bait lures designed to mimic the natural look and action of forage and baitfish. Each bait in the Z series line up will help you fish more effectively. Built with premium components and optimal design features, the Euro Tackle Z Series will not let you down.

Eurotackle Live Spoon
$6.39 Karl’s Club Member Price
$7.99 Non-Member Price

The all-new Euro Tackle Live Spoon blends the line between a jigging and casting spoon, providing anglers with a versatile multi-species lure. Each Live Spoon features an internal weighting system keeping the bait balanced while emitting an inviting call to fish.

VMC Tungsten Bullfly Jig
$5.27 Karl’s Club Member Price
$6.59 Non-Member Price

When it comes to flashy jigs, the VMC Tungsten Bullfly Jig is at the top of its class. This jig is elongated with a thick body and sprawling tail and wings. The tail and wings are made of goose feathers and provide extra flair to bring the big ones in. One bite, and you’ve got ‘em hooked.

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