Freefall Ghost Radio Active Pickle Ice Combo

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13 Fishing Freefall Ghost Radio Active Pickle Ice Combo

The Ghost Radioactive Pickle Ice Fishing Combo from 13 Fishing is a high-performance rig that will help you catch more fish. The reel features 13 Fishing's innovative FreeFall trigger, which allows you to hit your target depth with incredible accuracy. A strong, light composite frame, 3+1 bearing system, and 2.5:1 gear ratio make this reel perfect for ice fishing. The rod features a PC2 Flat Tip blank, premium thin wire guides, and an ergonomic split-grip handle. Choose your model and buy the 13 Fishing Freefall Ghost Radioactive Pickle Ice Combo now!

• A feature-packed ice fishing rig that gives hard water anglers a big advantage
• FreeFall trigger helps you pinpoint your target depth with extreme precision
• Slide drag system applies smooth pressure and is easy to adjust in the heat of battle
• Rod features a strong, sensitive flat tip blank and a high-density split-grip handle
• Premium guides, plus a hi-vis tip that helps you detect strikes

Shipping Note

: Available to the continental US only. No refunds accepted. Rods can only be exchanged for other rods. Rods cannot be expedited