Ice Fishing Tip Ups: An Easy Way To Catch Fish Through The Ice

For anglers growing up in the northern states, the term ”tip-up fishing” is something you’ve likely heard before. If you’re unfamiliar with ice fishing or live somewhere lakes don’t freeze over, hold on! This short article covers a topic I think any angler will find interesting. Here is the need to know basics for tip-up fishing.

How Do Tip-Ups Work?

Ice Fishing Tip-Ups

A tip-up is a tool used while ice fishing that allows anglers to suspend a piece of bait at a set depth through a hole drilled in the ice. Similar to an extra live-bait rod, a tip-up allows you to put out a second offering (usually live or cut bait) while you target another area. The beauty of tip-ups is the ability to detect a strike without having to be next to the hole.

Once a fish strikes the bait, a spring-loaded flag will pop-up to signal the angler that a fish has taken their bait. Usually, when someone notices a bite, they scream ‘FLAG!!’ at the top of their lungs, this notifies other anglers of a potential fish.  From that point on it’s a footrace to the tip-up, whoever gets there first, gets to fight the fish! This process results in hilarious foot races across what is essentially an ice rink.

So whether you’re a gal in Michigan burning with cabin fever or a dude in Alabama with an Aunt who lives up north, you should now have a better understanding on how to successfully target fish using tip-ups.

As always, practice ice safety and fish responsibly. Tight lines!

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