Mondo Mahi Mahi Mutilates Maryland Record

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In 1985, there was U2 and Blondie, and music still on MTV… and also the existing Mahi Mahi record in Maryland was caught. But, this week that record was smashed, and we now have a new victor in the Old Line State. 

A Cambridge man named Jeff Wright caught a massive 72.8 pounder off the coast of Ocean City, Md. He was practicing for an upcoming White Marlin Open when he said his rod “went crazy.”

“It literally took 25 minutes to get this in,” Wright told DNR officials, “I had to play it until it finally gave up.” 

The previous Maryland record was 67.8 pounds, and was caught by Kim Lawson 34 years ago. But that’s what makes fishing so great, the opportunity to rewrite record books and make your own mark.

The mahi mahi is a fun fish to catch too, because of its unique shape and colors. Nerds will tell you it’s actually called a common dolphinfish, but that’s not as fun to say.

However, Wright didn’t even come close to the Mahi Mahi world record. That one was an 87-pound chonker caught off the coast of Costa Rica in 1976. At least he gets hecka bragging rights in the state of Maryland… until a new giant is caught.

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