The New Montana State Record Walleye Measured 32 Inches And Weighed 18lbs

The new Montana state record Walleye was caught from Holter Lake by Trevor Johnson of Helena, Montana. Appropriately, Trevor was using a “jig,” according to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. Weighing 18.02 pounds officially, the fish measured out to 32” inches long with a 22” inch girth.

According to the Minnesota DNR, an average walleye will take anywhere from 4-5 years to grow between 16-20 inches, with females growing faster than males. They also say that most walleye passing the trophy, 30-inch status will be female and can take over 20 years to grow that large. Walleyes growth can vary between individual fish, habitat, and location, making it hard to say the exact age of Trevor’s fish. However, I think it’s safe to say it was over 20 years old if you compare it to the available research. 

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The New Montana State Record Walleye 32 Weighed 18lbs
Credit: Montana FWP

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