One Angler’s Secret Weapon Is A ‘Little Brown Box’

Vince Hubbard_R2SFetchMinnow

Here at Mystery Tackle box, we receive daily feedback from our customers and we always welcome it with open arms, both good and bad.  Our customers are our best resource for improving our service and our #1 goal is to provide an unmatched experience for our monthly subscribers to help each one of them, novice or pro, expand their fishing knowledge and discover new fishing lures and techniques that will help them catch more fish.

With that goal in mind, we wanted to share this letter we received this week from one our long-time subscribers, Vince Hubbard.  This story is the reason we created Mystery Tackle Box and we know you’ll enjoy reading it just as much as we did!  Take it away Vince!

Dear Mystery Tackle Box,

My name is Vince Hubbard from Grapevine, Texas and I have been a member since November 2012. I, like all members have been stockpiling your awesome tackle since I started receiving that little brown box in the mail every month. Due to having such an arsenal now to choose from it has been quite the decision when I am able to get out and enjoy some fishing. So, here is how it went down on Sunday May 19th from noon till 3:00 in the afternoon at a local playa lake I have wanted to fish all year.

I arrive to start doing what I have confidence in when fishing smaller waters and that is Wacky Worming. I am out there for an hour with no bite. I am fishing from the bank and everywhere I look just seems like it would be holding fish but to no avail… all while looking across the water at a place that looks very promising. I gather up my gear and head some 100 plus yards to what I hope is the honey hole. I throw out the wacky rig and finally fish on and I think to myself I made the right decision and it is about to be a great day. I make cast after cast and nothing else takes the bait so finally a light goes off in my head…Mystery Tackle Box!

I start looking for something that is going to run a little deeper because by this time I have worn out all the grass areas and banks thinking these fish have to be stacked up somewhere further out. My eyes set on the Fetch Minnow jerkbait by River2Sea, a lure I received some months ago in my monthly subscription. I tie it on and make a cast way out in the middle of this cove and as soon as I make a couple of cranks on my reel BAM…Fish On! This is the first cast with the new lure and I am thinking to myself, is this lure about to start producing for me. Well, the next cast and the next cast I am starting to wear them out, I mean fish fighting over who is going to be visiting me on the bank and this is the first time I have ever even tied this lure on my line.


Is this a lure I would have walked into and bought at my local sporting good store? Honestly, probably not! Is this a lure that I am happy with and cannot wait to get back out there on the water and fish?  YES, ABSOLUTELY!  I appreciate the great tackle you’re providing and hope to send another report soon.  

Thanks Mystery Tackle Box!

Thank you Vince!  What a great testament to the entire sport of fishing and exploring your options to see what might work, you just never know.  If you have a story and want to share it with us, we’d love to hear it!  Send it to us at [email protected] and we’ll look forward to the next great fishing story!

Tight Lines!

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