Why (I Think) The Pflueger President Is The Best Spinning Reel On Earth

Look, I know how this probably sounds – This person works for a fishing company and is obligated to promote the fishing products they sell…

Sure, this is 100% true. If I want to keep the paychecks rolling in, I better continue to do my job and follow direction.. 

However, NO ONE told me to write this article, I’m putting this entire thing together on my own without asking anyone permission. Why? Because that is how much I stand by this product. 

Long before ever working for the Catch Co. I was a young angler looking to invest in a quality spinning reel. At the time, I worked at a gas station, making little money, so I was very cautious about where I would be unloading those hard-earned dollars.

After doing research online, I caught a ride up to the closest big-box fishing store from my fishing buddy. Unlike Karl’s Shop, where orders over $50 ship for free, they wanted around nine bucks to deliver my reel. And that wasn’t happening. 

At The Store

A good spinning reel will last for years so long as you treat them right.

I was strolling down the aisle, my eyes darting up and down, back and forth, scanning each reel intently. After zigging and zagging, I found three reels that fit my price range, so I began to compare the options. 

Not long after I had narrowed down my decisions the store manager (still works there today) noticed me examining a Mitchell, Daiwa, and Pflueger fishing reel.

I’m not sure if he thought I would take off with his display models or if he could see the confusion in my eye. But, for whatever reason, he came by and offered help.

I told him what I like to fish for, the rod I planned on pairing my reel with, and finally my budget. 

Instantaneously he said, “Go with the Pflueger. I’ve used that same model reel for years and have never had an issue”. 

The store manager didn’t stop there; he began to break down why he preferred this reel – the smoothness of the drag, the light, and sturdy frame, and even the wooden knob handle (unfortunately the wooden knobs have been replaced). I could sense his passion and took his word right then and there. I put down the other two reels and headed to the checkout lane. From that point forward – I was a Pflueger President dude.

Where Are They Now?

This story took place almost 15 years ago and believe it or not I still have my original reel. Full disclosure the reel doesn’t work anymore but that is completely on me. 

About seven years ago, on a cold winter day, I tried taking the entire reel apart to give it a deep clean. Believe it or not, taking something apart is tends to easier than putting something back together. That specific President now sits on a shelf in my Dad’s workshop serving as a reminder whenever I see it – Don’t bite off more than you can chew. 

Since that day, I’ve bought four more Plefugar Presidents – one for myself, one for my Dad, and two for my brothers. And if anyone asks me for spinning reel suggestions, you already know what I’m telling them. 

Don’t get me wrong; I know that other brands make high-quality gear. But if you were to ask me what is the best-valued spinning reel on the market, it’s the 2500 size President all day long.

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