Shark Yeets Out of Water and Snags Boy’s Fish

Nothing hits your nostalgia hole quite like memories of a father-son fishing trip. But for this lucky dude, his father-son memories will include a once-in-a-lifetime moment with the coveted Great White Shark.

Doug Nelson told ABC News that he brought his son on a group fishing trip off of Cape Cod Bay. They were excited when his son finally hooked a fish (as one should be). As the charter crew helped reel it in, a Great White Shark yeeted out of the water and snagged the fish.

First, let’s take a moment to pour one out for the fish the boy didn’t get to catch. But second, THAT IS EPIC!! EVERY ANGLER DREAMS ABOUT A MOMENT LIKE THAT!! WHAT???

And, like all legendary moments caught on camera, the video made its rounds on Twitter. It started with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy tweeting it out, and now the video has almost 200,000 views. Virality is great and all, but what’s most important about the video is that this guy’s buddies will never be able to accuse him of making it all up.

Nelson told New England Cable News “it gave us a pretty good scare.” It has not been confirmed if anyone on the boat peed themselves, but rumors are flying high. The one thing our reporters here at Karl’s Bait and Tackle know for sure, is this will be a story Nelson and his son tell at every fishing trip for the rest of their lives.

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