5 Reasons Spinnerbaits Crush Bass In The Fall

1) It’s Bulky Profile


Matching the size of your spinnerbait to baitfish in the fall will give the bass just what they’re looking for. Baitfish born in the spring will have grown much larger by fall, and the bass are usually dialed in on these bigger meals. Match the hatch by using spinnerbaits with larger blades in the fall. This will help your bait look more like the the fish bass are likely feeding on.

2) You Can Cover Water


Fish kick things into high gear in the fall and anglers can take advantage of this by throwing fast moving baits with big drawing power, like the spinnerbait. Fish a spinnerbait around grass, cover, and structure in the fall, especially in the back of channels and creeks.

3) Ability To Fish Around Cover


As Shad and baitfish begin to push back into coves and creeks, the bass will follow. Largemouth will push back into these areas gluing themselves tight to to docks, timber, laydowns and brush piles. They use these spots as ambush points as they wait for passing fish. Try bumping your spinnerbait hard off cover, as this can trigger fish into biting. Usually when a fish hits your bait using this technique, they hit it really hard. So be ready.

You can also fish near hard cover well with a spinnerbait. The more you bang your bait against things, the better.

4) It Resembles Schooling Fish

Terminator SpinnerbaitBluegill

Baitfish and shad will gather in large schools in the fall which make them a primary target for groups of feeding bass. The profile and action of a spinnerbait helps put off the look and feel of schooling fish swimming in a tight pack. Look for areas of congregated baitfish and then rip your spinnerbait through the school. You can also try killing your spinnerbait by letting it just free fall towards bottom. This helps put off a unique look similar to a dying baitfish falling to the lakes floor.

5) You Can Fish It Fast Or Fish It Slow


Burning spinnerbaits around schooling baitfish or slowly winding your a bait over deeper brush piles will also help trigger strikes. In the fall you can fish the same spinnerbait near a dock in shallow water and then turn around and slow roll that same bait near brush in deeper water. As long as your blades are moving, there is a chance that thing gets bit.

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