SlingBladeZ Double Willow Spinnerbait


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Z-Man SlingBladeZ Double Willow Spinnerbait

The vibration caused by a spinnerbait's blades are what make the lure such as great search bait—the underwater "sound" calls fish in from far away, then, the flash and baitfish-like profile seal the deal. Z-Man's SlingBladeZ Double Willow Spinnerbait has twin blades, each with an elongated shape that creates a fast, fluttering vibration. That makes it the perfect bait to use when you're after fish that are chasing bait in shallow water, especially if it's near vegetation. An innovative head design is one thing that makes the SlingBladeZ special— its unique shape, low center of gravity, and belly groove ensure that the bait runs true every cast. The head's lifelike profile, molded-in scale pattern, side fins, and 3D eyes provide a remarkably realistic appearance, aided by skirt-matched, hand painted color schemes. The experts at Z-Man pulled out all the stops with this bait—try one out to see what the state of the art in spinner bait design is really like.

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