10 Spring Fishing Deals You Don’t Want To Miss (2022)

It’s game time, Spring is here and the fish are biting. To help save you time from scrolling online or aimlessly walking through a tackle shop, we’ve put together 10 juicy spring fishing deals that won’t want to pass up.

The 10 Best Spring Fishing Deals In 2022

BioSpawn ExoSwim

$3.19 Karl’s Club Member Price
$4.55 Non-Member Price
Was $5.69
  • A year round multi-species crusher
  • Effective on a jighead, Texas Rig, swimjig, or as chatter or spinnerbait trailer
  • Multiple size options to match the baitfish near you
  • Swim it, drag it, or burn it near the surface throughout the spring, summer, and fall
  • In the winter barely creep it slowly along bottom to pick up bites when other baits won’t

BioSpawn PlasmaTail

$3.19 Karl’s Club Member Price
$4.55 Non-Member Price
Was $5.69
  • Deadly on the dropshot (4.5″ inch) or a shaky head (6.5″ inch)
  • The subtle action and natiral color options make the Plasma Tail an ideal clear water bait
  • In dirty or stained water, switch over to a black, black & blue, or a bright colored finesse worm
  • The ability to pair the Plasma Tail with a deep water righ either a shaky head or drop shot make this bait a go-to for offshore anglers

Rapala Jointed Shad Rap

$4.79 Karl’s Club Member Price
$5.99 Non-Member Price
Was $7.49
  • The Rapala Jointed Shad Rap is a proven multi-speices lure designed by the legendary Rapala brand
  • The jointed design give this lure a wide an erratic action known for hauling in hungry walleye, bass, crappie, and more

Shad Rap SizeRunning DepthBody LengthWeightHook Size
Small Shad Rap 1.5″4′-6′1-1/2″3/16 oz.No. 8 & 10
Medium Jointed Shad Rap 2″6′-13′2″1/4 oz.No. 6 & 7
Large Jointed Shad Rap 2.75″7′-15′2-3/4″7/16 oz.No. 4

10,000 Fish Tataki Frog

$6.15 Karl’s Club Member Price
$8.79 Non-Member Price
Was $10.99
  • An effortless “walk the dog” action makes the Tataki Frog a favorite amongst anglers looking to dance their topwater in place
  • The baits slotted hook and weight back design create a functional, easy to cast lure with an increased landing percentage compared to standard frogs
  • Available in natural and eye catching colorways to stop both anglers and fish dead in their tracks
  • Get a tournament grade frog at an entry level price point during Karl’s Spring Sale

Molix Tenax Jig

$2.10 Karl’s Club Member Price
$2.99 Non-Member Price
Was $4.99
  • Molix Jigs have worked with award winning anglers like Mike Iaconelli, Brandon Palunick, and Justin Lucas to help them design durable, and design forward lures ready to compete at any level
  • Right now, Karl’s members can get the high qualitly all purpose jig for less than half it’s suggested retail price
  • Load up now and you’ll be ready to flip, skip, and pitch all summer long

Savage Gear Browser Casting Rod

$51.19 Karl’s Member Price
$63.99 Non-Member Price
Was $79.99
  • For about $50 bucks, you can get a highly senstive rod blank, wrapped with high quality guides, and finished off with a form fitting split grip handle made from a highly comfortable ergonoimic foam.
  • Medium-Heavy to Heavy casting rods ranging in lengths from 7″-7’6″ are as good as it gets for most bass power fishing applications
  • Load up now on these high qaulity sticks while you still can, they’re gonna go fast

13 Fishing Origin C Baitcasting Reel

$64.00 Karl’s Club Member Price
$80.00 Non-Member Price
Was $100.00
  • 13 Fishing made waves years ago when they splashed into the market place with fresh designs and high quality reels. Since then, they cemented themselves in the industry while still cranking out the high quality reels they were orginally known for
  • The Origin C is a budget friendy casting reel now slashed down to even a sweeter deal
  • Available in high speed gear options for both left and right hand retrieves, the 13 Fishing Origin C will pair perfectly with any casting rod

Westin Magic Minnow

$4.20 Karl’s Club Member Price
$5.99 Non-Member Price
Was $9.99
  • Westin Fishing is a European (from Scandanavia) lure company known for innovative design and takes on products not commonly seen in the United States
  • Their Magic Minnow features a weedless design mixed with a traditional lead jig head
  • Together, this combo lets you fish in nearly any condition or cover type as the lure slips in and out of potential hang ups
  • Availabe in a 3/4 oz option, the Magic Minnow is a killer bass, pike, and walleye lure.

10,000 Fish Yoto Worm

$3.19 Karl’s Club Member Price
$4.55 Non-Member Price
Was $5.69
  • Save now on the highest rated product on Karl’s Bait & Tackle
  • Rig it as a trailer, weightless, or Texas and Carolina style
  • The extremely versatile and durable soft plastic puts fish over the edge with the simple quiver from it’s signature tickle tail

Catch Co. Tight Rope Baby Firework Super Jig

$2.94 Karl’s Club Member Price
$4.19 Non-Member Price
Was $5.99
  • Designed by the most interesting man in fishing, the Tight Rope Jig is a collaboration between the Catch Co. and Chicago Fishing legend’s Ryan Whitacre and Jay Pee High
  • Built for smallmouth, this micro jig quickly became a favorite among largemouth anglers fishing in cold or pressured water.
  • The flared out skirt and downsized profile make this jig perfect for any finesse fishing application
  • Small enough for a spinning rod, but with enough beef for casting gear too

GameChanger Lures Trashmaster Jig

$2.69 Karl’s Club Member Price
$3.84 Non-Member Price
Was $5.49
  • Designed by Steve Parks, the man behind Rage Craw soft plastics
  • Screwlock design which means no need for a weed guard
  • The hyrbrid head design let you swim, drag, or pitch this jig all day long

BioSpawn ExoPod

$3.19 Karl’s Club Member Price
$4.55 Non-Member Price
Was $5.69
  • A dualing grub soft plastic bait infused with BioSpawn’s signature scent and design
  • The compact profile make it an ideal flipping bait or jig trailer
  • Rig the ExoPod vertically on a trailer to mimic a scurrying crawfish
  • Rig the ExoPod horizonatally on a trailer to mimic a swimming baitfish

BioSpawn RattleBot

$4.75 Karl’s Club Member Price
$6.79 Non-Member Price
Was $8.49
  • Available in a “shad” and “craw” pattern that each come with their own colors, sounds, and action
  • The ideal bait for targeting spring bass, walleye, and northern pike
  • Rip the RattleBot through the grass and wait for big fish to freight train this flashy bait

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