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RattleBot Lipless Crankbait


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BioSpawn RattleBot Lipless Crankbait

BioSpawn has moved into a new phase; the crankbait. The RattleBot is a lipless crank genetically engineered to imitate two universal bass snacks: The crawfish and the baitfish. The BioSpawn Rattlebot features two model options inspired by the natural look of crawfish and minnows. After conceptualizing, developing, lab testing, and finally catching fish, the BioSpawn Rattlebot is ready to ravage the water.

Pro Tip: When fish move up to the shallows in spring and fall, fish the RattleBot with a steady retrieve, just off the bottom. When fish are around aquatic vegetation, rip the RattleBot through grass beds to trigger reaction strikes

RattleBot Craw

  • Anatomically correct crawfish imitator

  • Appropriately facing eye to match the look of a natural crawfish

  • Single BB emits a deep thumping noise

RattleBot Baitfish

  • Resembles the profile and swimming action of a minnow

  • Ideal when bass are suspending or hiding in the grass

  • Internal multi-BB’s emit higher pitched sounds proven to draw strikes

Gear Recommendations:

Line: Fluorocarbon 10-15lb
Rod: Medium to medium-heavy power casting rod  or spinning with moderate action
Reel Casting 6.1:1-7.3:1 gear ratio or 2500-3000 Sized Spinning Reel

Product Specs

Length: 2.5"
Weight: 1/2 oz
Diving Depth: Sinking
Rattling: Yes
Hook Size: #6