How To Catch More Bass From Ponds In The Spring (Bonus MTB Unboxing)

Andrew Nordbye is an Alabama angler who eats, sleeps, and breathes bass fishing. Instead of the regular running and gunning on Lake Guntersville like Andrew is used to. In this episode, he takes a step back with some classic pond fishing for bass.

Here are a handful of pond fishing tips to help you catch more bass this Spring using the baits featured in a recent Mystery Tackle Pro Box.

Want to Learn More About Spring Fishing?

Spring might be the best time of the year to catch a new personal best bass. In the Spring, bass push to shallow water in preparation for the spawn, making them easier to access, pattern, and fool into biting. Click the links below to learn more about catching bass in the Spring.

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What Is Mystery Tackle Box?

Mystery Tackle Box is a monthly subscription service for fishing!  Each month you’ll receive a box in the mail which will introduce you to NEW PRODUCTS, teach you NEW FISHING TECHNIQUES, and help you become a BETTER ANGLER. 

More About Mystery Tackle Box
What is Mystery Tackle Box?
Do you offer gift options?
Do I need to sign up for a subscription plan?
Can I choose the baits that come in my box?
What is the difference between MTB Regular, MTB Pro and MTB Elite?

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