How To Catch More Bass From A Kayak This Summer

By: Tyler Brick

You don’t always have to be in a great big boat that goes 60 MPH down a lake with great big graphs to catch the biggest bass. Fishing out of a kayak can arguably have a significant advantage overfishing out of some of the bigger boats.

When hopping into a kayak, it isn’t about how far of a run you can make. It’s what kind of water I can put myself in that I wouldn’t be able to in a boat—using your size as an advantage while in a kayak can bring you great success. Some of the shallow creeks leading to bigger waters or even short bridges that only yield a foot or two of clearance are great opportunities for kayak anglers. Not only will you have a lot less pressure around you, a lot of times, those fish seldom see baits. That makes it a lot easier to trick them into biting.

Sneaking Up On Summer Bass

summer fishing brick fishing

Another advantage of fishing bass out of a kayak is the substantially smaller and slimmer profile. Without having a big motor or a deeper hull, getting up shallow and sneaking up on fish becomes a lot easier. In Minnesota right now, the water levels have dropped dramatically because of this relentless drought. A couple of days ago, when I was on the water, I noticed a large storm drain that connects to a neighborhood pond that looked like very little water was running through it. There was just enough water to where I was able to lay myself and all my rods down and crawl through the tight space. I had never seen the other side, but I was tickled to see 2 feet of crystal clear water with sporadic pads once I got through. I was able to scoot my kayak along, and sight fish bass that I would have never known were there.

Lures To Throw In The Summer From A Kayak

summer kayak bass fishing

I pitched little jigs and frogs for about a half-hour, and it seemed like every other cast I had caught a fish, and I had even caught my biggest bass of the day on the shallow side of the drain. Being able to fish out of a kayak is by far an advantage against boaters because it presents so many more opportunities. Making the right move with the added stealth the kayak gives you will guarantee a lot more bites and an even better experience out on the water.

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