Tailspins For Trout: A Sleeper Lure That CRUSHES Fish

Tailspins (a hard bodied lure with a trailing willow or Colorado blade) are some of the most underused trout fishing baits in the market today. Their somewhat bland style, usually downsized body and unrealistic profile scare anglers from purchasing them. But I can guarantee you this: they don’t scare trout from biting them. Here we’ll break down the where & the how for tossing tailspins to target trout.

Where to Fish A Tailspin

Tailspins For Trout

In deeper water, most native trout have never seen a presentation like this, and their curiosity is going to get them hooked on your line. Chuck it near a point where there is little to no vegetation, and drag it along the bottom with just enough speed to keep that spinning blade turning. Trout don’t get lethargic due to cold water too often, but they do get finicky from time to time in the depths, and this bait is usually the cure.

How To Fish A Tailspin

Tailspins For Trout

Tailspins are basically a combination of a jigging rap style bait and a spinnerbait, two common multispecies baits. But they aren’t quite fished like either when targeting trout in specific. This tactic works much more effectively in lakes than in rivers or streams, where you can identify ambush points where trout are looking for a snack. When you can find these points, drag it along the bottom and mix up your retrieve. The tail will spin and wobble to imitate bait flickering, waiting to be eaten.

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