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Unchartered New England, A Wicked Good Multi-Species Slam

Unchartered New England, A Wicked Good Multi-Species Slam

In Unchartered New England, 1Rod1Reel, Fishing with Becca, and Logan Anderson are on an adventure in the northeast targeting everything from freshwater smallmouth and pike, to stripers in the Atlantic. Discover the world-class fisheries, food, and eclectic culture alongside our anglers. They're on a mission for trophy fish, the best local cuisine, and more. The angler with the most points after 3 days of challenges will select the charity of their choice to receive a donation, furnished by Catch Co.

Unchartered is a content series, in collaboration with other top brands in the fishing and boating industry, unlike anything previously on YouTube.ย Featuring YouTube anglers from the Catch Co roster of influencers, we send 3 anglers to a unique location to experience the culture, the people, the food, and of course the fishing.

The Lures That Crushed In Episode One

10,000 Fish Cycle Bait - Northern Pike (Logan Fishing)

Logan Anderson landed his first Northern pike while chucking half-ounce spinnerbaits in a shallow pocket of a protected bay. This Alabama native was all smiles when this toothy pike crushed his Cycle Bait.

Walking Topwater (Spook Style) - Smallmouth (1Rod1Reel)

While targeting actively feeding smallmouth situated near noticeable rock and rubble, Mike from the 1Rod1Reel channel produced one of the best smallmouth of his life. The fish weighed just under 3lbs.

Googan Squad Blooper - Largemouth (Fishing With Becca)

Becca is a native of Rhode Island, and her local fishing knowledge was in full display. Her familiarity with the species and situations found up north gave her a competitive edge over the fellas.

Postfly Flies - Brook Trout (1Rod1Reel)

Native to the state of Maine, Brook Trout are at the top of many anglers' bucket lists because of their beauty, fighting power, and the scenic places that they call home. A quick fly fishing rundown from Brian at Post Fly helped the Unchartered dial things in.

Postfly Flies- Creek Chub (Fishing With Becca)

While it wasn't the target species, catching a creek chub on the fly was a pleasant surprise for Becca as she waded a shallow Maine stream.

Episode 2 of Unchartered: New England drops Thursday, Feb. 3rd at 7 p.m. EST / 6 p.m. CST!

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