Blooper Topwater Popper


Product Details

Googan Squad Blooper Topwater Popper

The Googan Squad Blooper is a topwater popper that will crash and splash it's way across the water's surface. Designed with a cupped mouth for maximum splash and “bloop” sounds, it features two needlepoint hooks with a feathered back hook. The belly of each Blooper is outfitted with a set of Rumble Strips, which increases drag and surface disturbance.

Point your rod tip down and apply quick snaps to your rod tip to get your Blooper to sing loudly and call in fish from a distance. This technique will help resemble the action of a fleeing baitfish being chased to the surface of the water.

For a slower and more subtle approach, make short sweeps with your rod tip allowing the bait to gently plop at the surface of the water. This will help you mimic the action of a baitfish feeding at the water's surface. The cooler the water, the longer the pauses.

Gear Recommendations:

Line: Googan Squad Monofilament 8-15lb or 15-30lb Braided Line
Rod: Medium power casting or spinning rod
Reel: Casting or spinning reel with a moderate retrieval speed 

Pro Tips: Use the Googan Squad Blooper when fishing tight to cover or shaded areas. The ability to barely move this bait and create a subtle plop will help you get bites from fish holding tight to cover.





Product Specs

Rattling: Yes