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Ask The MTB Staff: What's Your Lucky Tackle?

Ask The MTB Staff: What's Your Lucky Tackle?

Every angler has their go-to baits. The one you want to throw when the bite is tough, or the first thing you tie on when you’re going for a limit day. We gathered around and asked some members of The Mystery Tackle Box Team what their lucky tackle is:

Eli Rosenberg's Lucky Tackle

"My new favorite lucky tackle has been the Reaction Strike XRM SpyBait. In windy weather, this bait is perfect. In sunny weather, this bait slays large mouth. In rainy weather, the spybait STILL produces fish. It has become my go-to bait recently because I can use it literally any time of day, and any day of the year."

Courtney Fontes' Lucky Tackle

"When the weather warms up, I love tying on my Googan Squad Filthy Frog The adrenaline rush of a top-water strike is so addicting, whenever I get the chance to use a frog I have to throw it. I’ve never had more success than with the filthy frog, so if I had to say something was lucky in my tackle box, I'd definitely choose my frog."

Jon B's Lucky Tackle:

"This classic popper was a come up I stumbled upon 8 years ago in a Bass Pro Shops Bargain bin. I snagged this seemingly plain popper for $1 and have caught countless fish on it since. This bait still has all the original paint, which is pretty lucky, tackle that cheap doesn't typically last that long. When it comes to action this popper beats any other topwater lure in my arsenal and it is still going strong after 8 years."

Jason Dirks' Lucky Tackle:

"My lucky lure in my tackle box is the Strike King Swim'n Caffeine Shad in Pearl Blue Glimmer Back color. When nothing else works, this one does. I love to use this bait on a dropshot rig when the bite is slow or the weather is cold."

Brett Forde's Lucky Tackle:

“The lucky lure in my tackle box is my Worden’s rooster tail. One of the most versatile trout baits around, this is my go to when I’m fishing a new body of water. Tie a few splitshots on to cast it deep in a lake or let it coast with the current a few feet under a bobber on a stream. Either way, my rooster tail is for sure my lucky tackle.”

Tim Baker's Lucky Tackle:

Source: PureFishing"I try not to leave it up to 'lucky tackle,' but my main 'confidence bait' is a Berkley Gulp 3-inch minnow paired with any type of 1/8 oz. swimming style jig head. This set up has helped me land countless fish from species ranging from Panfish to monster Northern Pike. I will not go fishing without this confidence bait in my tackle box!"

Seth Rosenberg's Lucky Tackle:

"My lucky tackle is a deadly combination. The Z-Man Chatterbait in Green Pumpkin tipped with a Berkley Havoc Devil Spear. When I tie those on together I can rest easy knowing the fish will come to me."

Matt Wojciak's Lucky Tackle:

"The Strike Pro Gill Raker has been my lucky bait for a while. I keep it in my "lucky tackle box" with all of my favorite lures including my Berkley Havoc Pit Boss and Yum Dinger which I keep in several different colors. When I'm trying to catch a big one, though, I always tie on my Gill Raker."

Matt Kestufskie's Lucky Tackle

"Nothing gets the heart pounding like a topwater blowup, and nothing gets topwater blowups like the River2Sea Whopper Plopper. It's super easy to use, and tons of fun. I'd definitely consider it my lucky tackle."Looking for a box of lucky tackle for yourself? Check out this combo here:

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Updated September 1st, 2020 at 5:47 AM CT