3.5 Yoto Worm: Bento-Sized Snack

This is the original Yoto Worm design tapered into a bento-sized snack. Crafted for finesse applications like a drop shot or ned rig. This delicate duplicate showcases the same artistic body style as its larger ancestor. A fusion of ribbed edges and a tapered tail produce decadent action and texture. Four hook channels run down the body, perfect for several different rigging options.



Four Hook Channels Down the Body:
Allows multiple rigging options

3.5 Yoto Worm: Bento-Sized Snack

Tickle Tail:
Always moving & Imparting Action

3.5 Yoto Worm: Bento-Sized Snack

Unique Head Design:
Flush with bullet weights & jigheads

3.5 Yoto Worm: Bento-Sized Snack


Junebug Gold

Pink Lemonade

Fire Craw


Electric Shad

Texas Craw


Green Pumpkin

Watermelon Red Flake

Green Pumpkin Pearl

Black & Blue Flake

White Silver Flake

Blue Craw

Chartreuse Pepper


LENGTH: 3 ½ in

The 3.5" Yoto Worm’s Tickle Tail will help entice bites when rigged on multiple set-ups. Its smaller size should be paired with finesse setups, or as a trailer on moving baits 3/8oz and under. Rig the 3.5" Yoto Worm horizontally when fishing a compact Texas Rig, Shaky Head, Drop Shot, or Ned Rig.

3.5 Yoto Worm: Bento-Sized Snack

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