Paddle tail swimbaits is very adaptable and can work just about anywhere you will be fishing. Deep, shallow, on points, open water, and even on structure, the swimbait is one of the best moving baits you can use. A paddle tail swimbait works best during three main times; when bass are feeding on schooling baitfish, schooled up in open water, and when on points. When the bass are feeding on baitfish, there is no better bait to use than a bait that mimics their food. If the bass are schooled up in open water, they are searching for baitfish to feed on and when they see a paddle tail swimbait stroll on by, they cannot resist the easy meal.

The best aspect of a paddle tail swimbait is that it can be fished however you please. You can slow roll the bait on the bottom, pop the bait as you reel it in, and even burn the bait across the top of the water in shallow areas. A paddle tail swimbait is very versatile, but works best when slow rolled near the bottom. While it is common to see baitfish at the top of the water, most of the time they stick to the bottom.