Catch Co. Hellgrammite

Catch Co. Hellgrammite

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Catch Co. Hellgrammite

The Catch Co. Hellgrammite is one of the most tried and true baits known to man. Everyone who knows anything about riverfishing knows these bugs creep into eddies and breaks in the current, where trout come up to eat them. Cast them right there, and they'll be eating your hook instead! You can add a few split shots to sink them or drift them right under a bobber as well!

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On: 5/26/2017

Works Great

I'm not sure what issue other people have been having with this bait, but I think it works amazing. I absolutely kill panfish and bass with this at my local pond. I think Catch Co trying to introduce their own products is great, since they manufacture them then we can get them cheaper then from else where. I do agree it needs a little more action and scent but other then that I think this is a great item and cant wait for them to come in stock so I can get more.



On: 5/18/2017

great bait

Caught 9 bass with this bait. Which i got out of my may panfish box. Wow.



On: 4/13/2017

Needs more tweaking.

I really like the size, shape, and idea. What I don't like however it's way too stiff to catch any of the fishes attention. Also having it in black doesn't help and makes it look more like a twig in the water.

I hope Catch Co can work out these issues.



On: 2/6/2017

SMH… could've been better.

IMO, the trout boxes need help… I gave it an extra star because I like the idea behind the hellgrammite soft plastic for conventional fishing, but there's a few major issues I have with this bait.

1. my box last month had hellgrammite soft plastics (pre-hooked)
2. way over packaged for the couple of small baits inside
3. plastic is lacking, too stiff not enough action ...maybe needs some scent?
4. this probably would've been better as a bonus



On: 2/3/2017

Thumbs down

I am not a fan of this bait. Not bc its color or design but bc it is catch Co brand. I joined to get and experience differnt baits. Not to feel like the company is trying to make more money by using their brand baits. Also the plastic feels cheap and like it won't last one bite.