Catch Co. Razor Worm 6"

Catch Co. Razor Worm 6"

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About This

Catch Co. Razor Worm 6"

Neko Rigs need a soft plastic like this one. The thick front end is perfect for an extra weight, and the curved sword of a tail is ideal to stand up and invite the bite. The body on the Catch Co. Razor Worm is buoyant and tough, so when you're tossing the Neko Rig and filling the livewell all day long you won't need to fly through a pack. Just unhook that fish and cast right back in there.


  • Reel: Baitcasting 6.4:1-7.1:1 or Spinning Size 2500-3000
  • Rod: 6'9"-7'6" Medium Power, Fast Action
  • Line: 8-14lb Fluorocarbon

Product Specs

Length: 6"
Pack Size: 8 pack
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On: 7/27/2018

Bass Catching Bliss

I threw this on a neko rig at my local over fished bass lake. Usually catch some, but nothing special. I opened the pack, gave them a good sniff, and rigged up. Caught 7 good bass, and my PB in under an hour. Maybe it was luck, or they may have never seen anything thrown on that rig, but I slayed them. It felt like I was fishing an old farm pond with naive fish. Good product. Will keep my box stocked with them from now on.



On: 2/13/2018

Great Action

When i fist saw this worm i wasnt sure about it. I set it up on a Neko Rig and love it now. It is super soft and has great action. MTB has already introduced me to several new styles of Fishing and the Neko rig is one i will continue to use.



On: 1/8/2018


My first time useing the neko rig with this worm and i killed it! 9 bass in under 35.



On: 12/12/2017

Just what the description says the best Neko rig worm

Since getting these in my box and tried Neko rigging for the first time the most success I've ever had was with these worms. Great presentation and perfect weight to cast using the MTB Neko rig weights with them.



On: 11/15/2017


Works great for a neko rig with a small hook and a nail weight. Couldn't ask for nicer baits in my MTB



On: 10/19/2017


This bait is great to have for any kind of situation. It can be worked as a drop shot, wacky worm or Texas rigged. It has the durabilty of a senko and action of a trick worm. The only thing that I don’t get is why there’s a tail on it( does nothing for the bait in relation to action)



On: 10/19/2017


This bait has a small tail at the end of it, but it has no use for it. The soft plastic is perfect size that catches a wide range of largemouth bass. It can be used for drop shoting, wackyworm, Texas rig and has a good hook up ratio and durabilty because it’s a cross between a senko and a trick worm.



On: 10/16/2017


Think I found my new favorite soft plastic.



On: 10/14/2017


Recieved this in my mtb and im glad. Bait has a nice firmness towards the front and thinner and softer towards the rear which give you great ridigabalioty while still having a great action. Was my first time to neko rigg and now im hooked as well!!!!



On: 10/14/2017

On point awsomeness

Worm looks great comming through the water. Got this in my oct mtb pro and am very glad. Used niko rig for first time hope i spelt it wright first cast to my amazement hung one over 9lbs. Largest largemouth ive caught yet. Was using big tex color. Has a great action to it as well