Drop Shot Kit

Drop Shot Kit

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About This

Drop Shot Kit

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The Ol’ Reliever

You woke up at 5:30 A.M. and haven’t flipped a fish on the deck in 7 hours. You’ve thrown the entire kitchen sink at them: wacky rigs, senkos, topwaters, spinner baits, crankbaits and more. You’re marking them on the finder but can’t seem to break a serious case of lockjaw. Out of ideas? Sounds like it’s time to break out the ol’ reliever.

There may not be a more effective or versatile way to catch bass year round than the drop shot. Whether you find yourself melting away in the doldrums of the summer or the freezing away in bone-chilling winter breeze, having a drop shot tied on at all times is guaranteed to put more fish in your boat and make you a better angler. That’s why we at the Catch Co. decided to curate this specific selection of baits and tackle we’re calling the Drop Shot Kit - everything you need to make the even most stubborn fish come along for a joy ride.

The Essentials

You got enough other things to worry about, so we decided to take the guesswork out of this one part of your complicated life.

We’ll start off with the plastics we selected. First off, we’re going to throw you one of the most popular baits we ever released: the Catch Co. Shimmer Shad. A quick Google search will show you why we had to put this essential in our drop shot kit - it lit the bass world on fire. This realistic finesse worm wriggles and shimmers in the light unlike any other bait of its kind, bound to elicit bites from the smartest of bass. Next, we threw another finesse minnow in the mix: the Lucky John Wacky Hama Stick. It’s extremely soft, flexible plastic couples itself perfectly with the subtle dropshot technique. It’s slender profile imitates many different bass forages, making sure you cover all bases of your target’s palate.

Next, we feature a bait used for a less-utilized but equally-effective technique when bass are feeding on schooling baitfish, fishing the paddle tail swimbait on a dropshot: our choice, the Big Bite Baits Swimming Jerk Minnow. This paddle tail has the same body shape as a jerk minnow, with a tail that draws strikes from an assortment of active predators.

The final bait is a classic finesse worm with some modern twists: Biospawn’s Plasma Tail in the 4.5" size. This genetically engineered bait was designed for drop shot fishing, with a tapered body that waves its color-dipped tail in the watering like a signaling beacon for big bass to hone in on. Couple those baits with an MTB Drop Shot Weight and a Stickies Wacky/Drop Shot Hook all held together by a palomar knot, using a long tag end to attach the weight, and you’re sure to have a drop shot rig for ever fishing situation you find yourself in out on the water.

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On: 2/14/2019


The best.



On: 1/19/2019

Great Box!

Can't beat it for the price, I'll be buying another one soon!



On: 1/16/2019

Great Product!

This is a great deal and it comes with great baits. I used this bundle on one of the local lakes for a day and caught a smallmouth on every one of the baits.



On: 1/16/2019

Killer Deal

picked this up for my wife as a christmas present since she is just staring to really get into bass fishing. This kit has everything you need to get out and catch some big ones on a drop shot kit. I will most likely buy a second one for myself!



On: 1/13/2019

Great value!!

You should seriously give this kit a try if you’re looking to try something different. U literally get a box full of stuff