Fathom Inshore Squirrely Tail Grub

Fathom Inshore Squirrely Tail Grub

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About This

Fathom Inshore Squirrely Tail Grub

The curly-tailed grub is the undisputed king of all fishing lures ever. A pond, creek and river staple in freshwater, Fathom Inshore thought it would be a splendid idea to tune up the old standby for inshore saltwater use. If you want to pull in drum, speckled trout and fluke like you do with all of your freshwater favorites, throw the 4” Squirrely Tail Grub on a jighead and let it do as it always has done. Unlike a lot of grubs, the Squirrely Tail is built tough with a large paddle tail and durable body ridges. A grub of this ilk will be able to hold up with ease as it gets popped, pulled and smashed by anything that swims inshore.

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