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Karl's Fantastically Fantastical Fishing Gift Ideas; Karl's handpicked best fishing gifts on the planet
Karl's Fantastically Fantastical Fishing Gift Ideas; Karl's handpicked best fishing gifts on the planet
Mystery Tackle Box

Mystery Tackle Box

Starting at $15.99

They don’t call Mystery Tackle Box “Christmas every month” for nothin’. You pick the gift, they pick the species.

Choose from the regular, or beefed up PRO versions of bass, inshore saltwater, walleye, trout & panfish or ice fishing! Select your target species, and we’ll send them high quality fishing gear every month ‘till you tell us to stop!

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Googan Squad Bundles
Googan Squad


as low as $11.19

The Googan Squad Bundles are THE boxes to get. The Googan Squad are the faces of YouTube fishing and their fishing products are like magnets to fish faces. While these kits may interest Googan Squad fans most, it will honestly make any bass angler happy.

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Specialty / Technique Boxes
Karl's Bait & Tackle

Specialty Boxes

Starting at $10.50

Each box comes with all of the tools needed for specific bass fishing techniques. This may be the easiest way for any angler to learn a new technique.

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Googan Squad Mondo Optics
Googan Squad

Mondo Optics

Starting at $30

Googan Squad Mondo Optics are everything an angler needs, combined into one eye-catching pair of shades. Built with POLARIZED lenses and fishing forward design, Mondo Optics help you spot boulders, grass lines, cruising fish, and much more.

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Karl's Gift Cards

Ugly Fishmas Shirts

Starting at $13

Get all of the fun, festive, goofiness of a holiday sweater, without any of the itching and bunching that comes with it. Perfect to wear to your holiday party, or out fishing during the holiday season.

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Rod & Reel Combos

Rods, Reels
& Combos

Starting at $29.99

An exciting lineup of our best rods, reels and combos. Their versatility, durability and slashed price tag are the top 3 reasons to scoop these for someone you love.

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Kabin Essentials

Kabin Essentials

Starting at $1.26

From coolers to wall hangers to stocking stuffers. Our broad assortment of amazing fishing gifts will put a grin on any angler’s face.

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Karl has selected his favorite baits, swag, and gadgets in his tackle box. If he’s into them, your favorite angler will be to.

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1 - 30 of 96