Googan Squad 8x Braided Line

Googan Squad 8x Braided Line

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About This

Googan Squad 8x Braided Line


This is a limited release with only limited line sizes and limited stock. The full Googan Squad Line release will be in Summer of 2019.

The Googan Squad trusts this line because they helped deliver it to market. Teaming up with Japanese manufacturers and Catch Co., they’ve produced a line they’re proud to use on their own, and will help you catch more fish. The Googan 8x Braided Line has a tough breaking point with 8 strand Dyneema, also providing abrasion resistance. This line was meant for mondos.

15lb - Great for finesse tactics - shaky heads, drop shot, small swimbaits. Can be used to catch panfish, walleye, and great for trolling

30lb - Best for walk-the-dog topwaters, swim jigs and chatterbaits. Can also be used for trolling

50lb - Ideal for flippin’, froggin', and big game fishin'

Lb Test Diameter (in) Diameter (mm)
15lb .0082 .208
30lb .0117 .297
50lb .015 .381
20lb (Summer '19) .0095 .241
65lb (Summer '19) .0165 .419
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