Beginner's Guide to Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is different from standard fishing because the bait used for fly fishing must be light enough to float on the surface of the water. By using special equipment and casting methods, you attract fish that usually swim just below the surface of the water, such as trout and salmon. Although fly fishing in fast-running streams is common, you can fly fish in almost any type of water.


Fish Species

  • Fly Fishing for Carp - This web page explains how most anglers try to catch species other than carp; but, it is possible to fly-fish for carp.
  • Fish You Can Catch - Ottawa County, Michigan, shows the fish species present in the waters of this area in this brochure.
  • Overview of Sport Fishing - The Alaska Department of Fish and Game details the fish present in the waters of this state, including Pacific salmon and trout.
  • Warm Water Fly Fishing - Frequently Asked Questions - The University of Kentucky provides information about fish available in warm-water fly fishing, including bass, crappies, and bluegills.
  • The Angler's Guide to Tennessee Fish - The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency lists many fish species present in Tennessee waters.
  • Sport Fish Of West Virginia - The West Virginia Department of Natural Resources lists fish available for catch in West Virginia, including the black crappie.




Tackle and Artificial Flies

  • Fishing Equipment - The Illinois Department of Natural Resources presents information about fishing equipment needed for fly fishing.
  • Fishing Methods - The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife provides basic information about fly fishing, including the type of rod used and how this type of fishing differs from standard fishing.
  • Fly Fishing Basics - The Rocky River Trout Unlimited website provides information about gear and equipment needed by the beginning angler.
  • Fishing Regulations - Yellowstone National Park presents a detailed guide for anglers that includes the type of equipment needed to fly fish.
  • List of Items Needed to Start Fly Fishing for Trout - Review this extensive list of equipment needed to begin fly fishing for trout.
  • Fly Fishing Frequently Asked Questions - The Blue Quill Angler answers frequently asked questions with information about equipment needed for fly fishing.