Hard Hat Jigs Rear Loader Swing Jig

Hard Hat Jigs Rear Loader Swing Jig

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About This

Hard Hat Jigs Rear Loader Swing Jig

An ideal match for creatures, craws, worms, or tubes the Hard Hats Rear Loader gets the job done. Built with an articulating head with maximum movement this swing jig slides over the structure with ease. Tie it on and start working on your favorite off-shore bass hangout.


  • Reel: Baitcasting 6.1:1-7.5:1
  • Rod: 6'6''-7'6'' Medium - Heavy Power Fast to Extra Fast Action
  • Line: 12-20lb Fluorocarbon

Product Specs

Hook Size: 4/0
Weight: 3/8oz; 1/2oz; 3/4oz
Pack Size: 1 pack
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5 reviews | 4.2 out of 5

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On: 1/21/2019

Loved it!

Ran it real slow along the bottom with a Trench Hawg, only thing I could get the bass to bite on this week! Nice strong hook, good swivel, the paint im not so worried about for the price it's dang good!



On: 12/18/2018

Paint Chip

Overall as a bait, the swing jig is great. This particular swing jig, however, doesn't do so great. They got a couple things right, a big stout hook, a decent swing action and a football style head are good, but all swing jigs have these characteristics.

The one thing that separates a good swing jig from a bad swing jig is the quality of the paint on the head. This one's paint began chipping after about 10 casts. I would suggest going with another brand.



On: 8/27/2018

Good hookset

Love it work perfect for a strong current caught me such a huge cat that my line snapped



On: 8/19/2018


dude i ran it on a craw fish imitation by some rocks and it was getting slammed.



On: 8/13/2018

Quality swing head

Its a solid swing head it worked for me.