Hardbait Harvest Box

Hardbait Harvest Box

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About This

Hardbait Harvest Box

There’s a lot of be thankful for this time of year, including hardbaits that consistently catch big bass. That’s why we put together this box of eight tried-and-true hardbaits to stuff in your tackle box.

First up is one of the most erratic fleeing jerkbaits on the market. Dodging, darting, and vibrating atop the water are the best characteristics you can find in a jerkbait, and this bait has them all. Designed by a fisheries biologist, this bait’s narrow stomach, flat sides, and wide back mimic the flat-sided Herring common in the US. This bait is tournament-tested and lunker approved!

Up next is a crankbait perfect for searching shallow water cover. This fast-casting bait gets you right into the strike zone, dives 2-4 feet, and creates deep thuds and strong vibration on the retrieve. With its 3D eyes, razor-sharp Kitana hooks, and high-quality paint job, this is a bait you’ll be thankful to have in your tackle box next time you hit the water.

When you want versatility in your top-water game, it’s time to throw this lipped popper that spits and pops on top and can double as a shallow-running crankbait. Its cupped mouth sprays water like a traditional popper, while the small lip gives you 1-2 feet of diving depth, the ability to deflect cover, and some serious swimming action. Finished with a feather-dressed rear treble, this adaptable bait entices strikes from big bass no matter how you fish it.

Built for getting deep fast, this crankbait has a sharply angled, durable bill that helps it dives down quickly. Its bulky profile gives it an aggressive wobble and attractive side flash. When paused, it rises slowly to further entice a bite. Whether you’re fishing a tough wintertime bite or searching for hungry prespawn bass, this is a bait you can count on for action.

Next we’ve got a jerkbait that dives deep with erratic rolling action that can arouse even the most lethargic fish. This bait’s thin minnow profile is a proven attractor, while the single tungsten rattle inside gives it a thud that fish can’t help but pay attention to.  Fitted with three razor-sharp Gamakatsu hooks, this bait has a truly lethal blend of looks, action, acoustics, and efficacy.

When the rest of your group is getting skunked, have no fear, tie on this little crankbait and start catching fish like a pro. You can cast it a mile, it rolls off rocks perfectly, and its bulbous shape and extra wide lip give it a crazy wobble that makes fish go crazy. Its small baitfish profile is enticing to just about any species in any type of water. Ponds, lakes, rivers, and creeks all fall victim to this slayer!

Whether you’re early or late season fishing, this square bill crankbait boasts wide-wobbling action and excels searching through shallow waters with its bright flash. Its large buoyant body let you crank and bump over structure, crawl through cover, and pull through grass. Finished with razor-sharp round bend treble hooks, this square bill is an absolute must when targeting big bass in shallow waters.

Last but not least is one of the best performing jerkbaits on the market. This bait’s incredibly unique weight transfer system produces a very low frequency thud, rather than a high-pitched rattle like many other baits. Additionally, it allows for long, smooth casts and perfect suspension on the pause. It’s a breakthrough in jerkbait technology that simply catches fish.


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