Heavy Metal Finesse Tungsten Football Jig

Heavy Metal Finesse Tungsten Football Jig

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About This

Heavy Metal Finesse Tungsten Football Jig

The Heavy Metal Finesse Tungsten Football Jig is a hall of fame bait. Fish it ULTRA slow, avoiding hops and too much action. Drag it along the bottom and the tungsten head will drag right into a bite. Trail it with your favorite chunk or craw with a natural, subtle presentation. The bass won't be able to resist the dancing skirt, and the thick head will get you right in front of them.


  • Reel: Baitcasting 7:1-8:1
  • Rod: 6'6"-7'6" Medium Heavy Power, Fast Action
  • Line: 15-20lb Fluorocarbon

Product Specs

Weight: 3/8oz; 1/2oz
Pack Size: 1 pack
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14 reviews | 4.45 out of 5

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On: 2/25/2019

Get this Jig NOWWWW!

Absoulutely love this jig. I was flipping cover in a pond caught around 5 bass over 3.5 pounds and I live in Wisconsin. My last fish was 8.03 pounds, my total for fishing for 2 hours was a little over 20 pounds just using that jig with a Googan Squad Bandito Bug for the trailer. I highly recomend this jig!



On: 10/6/2018

very surprised

I read a lot of reviews about this and how the skirt fell off a lot, but I had to problem with it and I caught a six bass with it on a lake that had a fish kill off about 5 years ago and they are really finicky. Overall I think it is a wonderful jig and most likely will buy again. And the skirt never fell off.



On: 7/15/2018

Mixed feelings

I love these jigs, they have great action and being tungsten, are incredibly sensitive. My favorite is the camo craw with a green pumpkin rage chunk with the tips dyed red.

Unfortunately, I was fishing with this setup and when I got snagged on a rock, the hook broke off. I see I'm not the only one with this issue, I do hope they can use a stouter hook on the next batch. Otherwise, these are some of my favorite jigs.



On: 7/7/2018

Frickin’ love it

I was fishing this tiny pond in Pennsylvania a week ago, and The biggest bass I’d ever caught there was like a three pound, I caught a twenty pound bag flipping this thing into shade and lay downs. Love the pbj color, works in a leaf and dirty water. You need this in your tackle box.



On: 7/2/2018

Hook snapped

I've used this for a while now and I really like it but just yesterday I got snagged on a pretty flimsy tree branch and the hook snapped. It wasn't rusted at all so I thought it was kind of strange that the hook snapped.



On: 5/7/2018

I got slain

I got bit at a smallie pond the skirt fell off and it still caught Bass wish my skirt stayed on



On: 4/28/2018

Very nice



On: 4/27/2018

Good. Not great.

I don't like pbj color, but 2nd cast brought in a 2 lb large mouth. Will continue to use



On: 2/28/2018

Works well

I've just started using jigs and two days ago I caught my PB with this (7.7lbs). Yesterday I caught a 6.1lber on it. I'm not very experienced with skirted jigs, but this one's a good one.



On: 12/11/2017

Great Jig!

I caught some nice 2-3.5lbers in the last few weeks but sadly I just set the hook on a monster today and it snapped my line, that’s why I’m here about to buy another one!



On: 11/26/2017


Great product! Not to big but it catches monsters. I was catching fish after fish and almost cried when a fish broke off my jig. Will be ordering more and is my new favorite jig



On: 11/19/2017

Surprisingly Disappointed

Had high expectations getting this in my November box and was looking forward to using it, then 2nd cast out the skirt completely fell off. So it was very short lived unfortunately.



On: 11/19/2017

They are one of a kind

I was fishing in a private pond and I switched to one of these. The fish couldn't resist it. Then I broke off, but I switched to a lead 3/8 once with the exact same color. Couldn't catch a single fish on it. Overall I love these jigs and I am going to buy a bunch of them.



On: 11/18/2017

Nice jig

Nice jig. I like how you can feel what's in the bottom of the body of water.