Karl's Stash Power Spinners 2pack

Karl's Stash Power Spinners 2pack

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About This

Karl's Stash Power Spinners 2pack

These babies will give your stickbait more flash than a disco party! Screw these puppies into the end of your weightless stickbait and twitch that bad boy to drive bucket mouths bananas! Make your wacky rigs even wackier and Carolina rigs even Carolinaier with these spinners!

Product Specs

Length: 3/4" Colorado Blade
Length: 1 1/4" Willow Blade
Pack Size: 2 pack
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5 reviews | 4.4 out of 5

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On: 5/10/2018

I like it

Really liked this addition to my soft baits. Makes the bait stand out on a sunny day!



On: 4/1/2018


Really loved adding these to the end of an ExoStick! Worked really well!



On: 3/12/2018

Best product ever. Caught so many hogs with this thing.

The Karl Stash Power Spinners are the best product MTB and ever given out. Screw that bad boy on a weightless stick bait and hold on for the catch of a lifetime.



On: 3/4/2018

Simple addition

Been using this setup for years. Works amazing. Simply screw into the end of any rubber and fish it normally. The spoon elicits bites from those stubborn fish. The weight of the spoon let's the worm fall backwards right into the fish's mouth!



On: 2/11/2018

A little disappointing

The blades themselves are really nice, and they actually really work well, especially in dirty water. After using the Colorado blade, I caught one pretty quick, and when I got the hook out I noticed it broke. After using the Willow blade and catching one, it broke as well! I would like to buy more because how effective they are, but I'm really debating on buying a different brand knowing how easy these break. I was very disappointed. I got these out of my MTB PRO box.