Karl's Amazing Baits Baby Boy - 2"

Karl's Amazing Baits Baby Boy - 2"

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About This

Karl's Amazing Baits Baby Boy - 2"

The Karl’s Amazing Baits Baby Boy is a true multispecies catching machine. This lil’ squarebilled nugget mimics the pattern of a fleeing baitfish or craw, both of which are considered delicacies among panfish, trout, bass and even Karl VonDibble himself. The perfect bait for fishing cover in creeks or ponds, this little crank will dip and dive its way to quick rod tugging action.

Pro Tips: Squarebill crankbaits are widely used baits all over the country throughout most of the year. The Baby Boy is a smaller profile squarebill to draw strikes when the presentation needs to be downsized. This bait excels in shallow water where its back and forth wobble motion will be sure to get the attention you are looking for.

Product Specs

Length: 2’’
Weight: ⅛ ounce
Diving Depth: 2-4 Feet
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