Karl's Amazing Baits Razor Worm

Karl's Amazing Baits Razor Worm

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About This

Karl's Amazing Baits Razor Worm

The Razor Worm from Karl's Amazing Baits is a versatile, 6" finesses style bait that's perfect for many techniques, but really excels when fished on a Neko rig. When conditions change, and already spooky fish shut down, a change in tactics is called for. A Neko rig is often the perfect way to wake those fish up. Borrowing from dropshot, wacky, and shaky head rigs, a Neko rig is one of the most innovative techniques you can use, and the Razor Worm is a perfect match. That's because this worm features a fat body that has a flat-ended head. The head is where you insert the Neko rig's secret weapon, a nail weight. With the weight on one end and the Razor Worm's broad tail on the other, there is an action that fish can't ignore. Grab an 8-pack of Razor Worms today and change your finesse fishing game forever!

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