Karl's Amazing Baits The Hunch - 3"

Karl's Amazing Baits The Hunch - 3"

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About This

Karl's Amazing Baits The Hunch - 3"

The Hunch by Karl's Amazing Baits is a shallow water beast. Its small profile and erratic action trigger crushing reaction strikes. Throw it in open water, around docks, rocks, and other shallow water cover. Measuring at only 3 inches, this bait is perfect for generating strikes in shallow water. Bomb a cast and mix up retrieve cadences on the return. The more erratic the better, as you are imitating a fleeing/dying baitfish when you have The Hunch tied on. The rattling body is reinforced, and can stand up to a beating if you choose to leave it tied on all day. Slashing, darting, and dashing action come naturally to this bait, and so does catching big fish!


  • Reel: Baitcasting 6.1:1-7.5:1 or Spinning Size 2500-3500
  • Rod: 6'-7'2'' Medium Power, Fast Action Baitcasting or Spinning Rod
  • Line: 8-12lb Fluorocarbon or Monofilament

Product Specs

Length: 3"
Weight: 1/4oz
Diving Depth: 0 - 4'
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