Meet Our Anglers

Jon B


Jon B.

Jon B. is a pioneer in the fishing YouTube scene. One of the original “must-see” channels, Jon gained subscribers by being a goofy kid dropping legit knowledge on the fishing world from his channel Fishing The Midwest. Jon B. started as MTB Hat Guy’s intern, which none of us at The Catch Company will ever forget.

After having some of the more popular “unboxing” videos on the entire internet, in any industry, Jon’s influence carried him to be a founding member of The Googan Squad. One of the first stars of the fishing internet, Jon B. is a trailblazer with some of the most visually appealing content around.




LFG, also known as Lake Fork Guy, also known as Justin, has been gracing all of us with his fishing knowledge since we knew how to subscribe to YouTube. An innovator in the YouTube scene, Justin began his career on the sales side of fishing equipment.

Once he realized it was much more fun for ALL OF US to watch him fish instead of buy gear from him, we were blessed with the LakeForkGuy channel. And later we were blessed with OceanSpoonGirl, and now a little baby WaterUtensilGender. Justin’s content both on the water and at home have kept hundreds of thousands tuning in for years.




Alex Peric’s sense of humor and fishing knowledge combine for “Peric Moments” in all of his videos. If you don’t know what a Peric Moment is, just watch one of his videos and you’ll understand. Alex grew up fishing in the Midwest before a stint on the college circuit, and now has some of the most entertaining travel vlogs on the entire internet.

A true multispecies angler, you can watch Alex (more commonly referred to as Peric) chase GT’s in foreign countries, or catch smallmouth in downtown Chicago using a piece of lettuce. No matter where he is or which species he’s targeting, you’re in for a few Peric Moments.




Andrew Flair is perhaps best known on the internet for catching tiny fish. “Flair fish,” as they’re so lovingly called, are tiny little bass known to have some sort of magical attraction to anything Flair puts in the water. Besides catching tiny fish, Flair also chases mondos around the world and has some of the more popular hunting videos on the internet.

Flair’s videos are sometimes at their best when he’s not hunting or fishing, having some memorable encounters with angry golfers or anglers in some of his most popular videos. One of the founding members of The Googan Squad, Flair’s content ranges from catching gigantic muskie in a kayak to bird hunting in his home state of Nebraska.

Rob Terkla



A true patriot, Robert Terkla (also known as LunkersTV) served in Afghanistan before joining the YouTube fishing scene. A lover of both fishing and hunting, Rob is known for his energetic style and thrill of the chase. A family man himself, Rob takes us into his home life with his wife and daughter for some videos showing what life is like in Texas.

Hunting, fishing, and family with Mr. Terkla have amassed a following over 1,000,000 subscribers and counting!

MTB Beginner Series


Mystery Tackle Box

Karl VonDibble isn’t just AN influencer, he’s THE influencer. Karl has been catching fish and leading the charge as Chief Fishing Officer at Mystery Tackle Box for almost 7 years now. No one is quite sure where he came from, how he got a job here, or why he only wears waders, but he is beloved nonetheless. Fans stop him for pictures on the street more than DiCaprio, and his fish-catching knowledge knows no limits.

Fishing with Karl and his sidekick MTB Hat Guy is a treat known only to have blessed the elite anglers of YouTube. Some say his powers to unsnag a lure or fix a birdsnest are Godlike or other wordly. We may never know But one thing we know for sure, Karl is a legend.