10,000 Fish

Shimmer Shad 2.0 - Shad - 4"


Product Details

10,000 Fish Shimmer Shad 2.0 - Shad - 4"


The upgraded Shimmer Shad has a new design profile and comes in additional colorways. It draws in curious predators by reflecting light. It cascades down the water column like a dying baitfish. A decadent choice when you need to finesse a deep bite.

Designed for use with a drop shot rig and a spinning setup. Rig the bait up off the bottom on drop shot hooks. Twitch your rod to bounce the Shimmer Shad and let the body do the work. This product is mastered for finicky fish, so use lighter line in clearer water.

Product Specs

Color: Shad
Pack Size: 4
Length: 4"