El Diablo Lipless Crankbait


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13 Fishing El Diablo Lipless Crankbait

El Diablo from 13 Fishing is a lipless crankbait that was made to probe the depths for hard to reach lunkers. This heavy bait drops through the water column fast, emitting an enticing vibration on the way to the bottom. High-definition paint finishes are applied over molded facets and grooves that cause light to bounce off this bait in every direction, catching the attention of nearby predators. A loud rattle adds to the attraction. The bait has a lifelike swimming action at any retrieve speed, and it's deadly when yo-yoed near deep submerged cover. Chemically sharpened black nickel hooks take care of business after the strike. Every angler needs a go-to lure for deep-water presentations—reach for El Diablo from 13 Fishing!

Product Specs

Diving Depth: Sinking
Rattling: Yes
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