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Fate Black Gen 3 Spinning Rod

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13 Fishing Fate Black Gen 3 Spinning Rod

The 13 Fishing Fate Black Gen 3 Spinning Rod is a high-performance rod that's right for so many techniques. As well-rounded anglers, we ask our spinning rods to perform specialized fishing tasks—jobs that differ from those we give our baitcasting equipment. From topwater presentations to deep finesse fishing, the Fate Black Gen 3 Spinning Rod answers the call. This workhorse rod features a sensitive Japanese 30 Ton PVG30T blank that gives it the perfect feel for a wide range of tactics. Custom-wrapped stainless steel Alconite guides ensure line shoots through with ease, resulting in longer casts, with a high-density EVA grip guarantees a comfortable day on the water. Check out the 13 Fishing Fate Black Gen 3 Spinning Rod—it deserves a spot in your rod line-up!

Available to continental US only. No refunds accepted. Rods can only be exchanged for other rods. Rods cannot be expedited.

Model  Length Power Action Line Rating Lure Weight





3/16oz - 5/8oz

FTB3S71MH  7'1"

Medium Heavy Fast 8lb-14lb

3/8oz - 3/4oz
FTB3S73M 7'3"

Medium Fast 6lb-12lb

1/4oz - 5/8oz
FTB3S76ML 7'6"

Medium Light Fast 4lb-10lb

1/8 oz - 1/2oz

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