Glidesdale Glide Bait


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13 Fishing Glidesdale Glide Bait

The Glidesdale Glide Bait from 13 Fishing is a killer in the top third of the water column where suspended and roaming fish hang out. This slow-sinking baitfish imitation has a jointed body and a soft, flexible tail, so it swims and darts naturally. At any speed, and when paused, the Glidesdale stays upright, never rolling over or tracking wrong—that's because it's carefully balanced. Its premium VMC black nickel treble hooks are made from strong, high carbon steel and chemically sharpened to dig in when you're battling a big fish. 13 Fishing's Glidesdale Glide Bait is a must-have when you need a strike-triggering subsurface bait.

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