Inception Baitcasting Reel

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13 Fishing Inception Baitcasting Reel

The Inception fits right in line with the rest of 13 Fishing’s amazing lineup of reels. An ideal reel for the angler who wants top of the line performance without having to sell his boat to pay for it. Re-enforced with graphite side plates around it’s solid aluminum frame, The Inception is built to reel in whatever giant is on the other end of the line. A reel that is truly a perfect fit for anglers with all skill levels, and all budgets. The 6:6:1 will retrieve 26.1” of line per turn. This medium speed gear ratio is an all-purpose reel that that can be used for a wide variety of techniques including spinnerbaits, swimbaits, jerkbaits, topwater lures, and many more. The 8:1:1 will retrieve 32” of line per turn. This very fast speed gear ratio is used for scenarios where you really need to bring in fish as fast as possible, like fishing in very heavy slop, cover, or around structure. Ideal for certain flipping, pitching, worming and frogging scenarios.

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Gear Ratio Mono Line Capacity (lbs./yards) Weight (oz) Bearings Max Drag (lbs.)
6.6:1 12/135 6.85 7BB + 1RB 18
8.1:1 12/135 6.85 7BB + 1RB 18

Product Specs

Frame: HD Aluminum
Side Plates: Graphite
Drag: 18LB Max, Multi-Material Oversized Drag Washers
Weight: 6.85oz(6.6:1 ratio) 6.9oz(8.1:1 ratio)
Knobs: EVA Tech Handle
Guide System: Arrowhead line guide system
Braking System: 6 way centrifugal braking system
Other: Instant Stop Anti-Reverse, Japanese Hamai Cut Gearing