Kalon C Spinning Reel


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13 Fishing Kalon C Spinning Reel

The Kalon C Spinning Reel from 13 Fishing is premium gear for serious fishermen. With a powerful gearset and a solid 7-bearing system, this reel ensures unparalleled fishing performance. A sealed rotor and refined bail system provide the ultimate in line management, with the advanced oscillation mechanism ensuring even line lay. Instant anti-reverse ensures head-turning hooksets and the reel's high-performance drag system applies steady pressure to tire out surging fish. Select from five sizes—whether you target trout in current, angle for bass in lakes, or you sling large baits into the briny deep in search of saltwater monsters, there's a model for you. Add the 13 Fishing Kalon C Spinning Reel to your tackle collection!

• Advanced spinning reel technology that you feel with every crank

• Fine-tuned, precious-cut aluminum drive gear

• Durable design and sealed rotor ensure long-lasting performance

• Smooth, reliable drag system provides steady resistance

• Ergonomic crank and easy-grip knob give you full control, finesse, and power

Model Mono Line Capacity (lbs./yards) Weight (oz) Bearings Gear Ratio Max Drag (lbs.)
2.0 10/126 8.36 6BB + 1RB 6.2:1 14
3.0 10/195 8.61 6BB + 1RB 6.2:1 14
4.0 10/297 9.56 6BB + 1RB 6.2:1 20
5.0 12,293 10.13 6BB + 1RB 6.2:1 20