Hammer Tungsten Jig


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Acme Tackle Hammer Tungsten Jig

The Acme Tackle Hammered Tungsten Jig is an eye-catching lure that's perfect for vertical jigging through ice or in open water. This sleek, teardrop-shaped jig features a shiny hammered exterior that reflects light like a gemstone, attracting panfish and triggering strikes. It's a compact design that utilizes fast-sinking tungsten, making this jig perfect for subtle finesse presentations. Select the size that's right for your approach and get the fish-catching Hammered Tungsten Jig from Acme Tackle today!

• Hammered surface creates a flashy target that panfish can't ignore
• Balanced design ideal for vertical jigging
• Dangerously sharp, upturned hook penetrates quick and holds on

Product Specs

Hook Size: #12
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