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Acme Tackle Hyper-Rattle

The Hyper-Rattle from Acme Tackle is an attractive jigging minnow that puts out a loud call to predators near and far. This gliding bait spirals into the strike zone, covering a larger area than conventional jigs, and you can repeat that presentation as needed with a simple vertical jigging motion. Use the front line tie to cover water horizontally—you can cast and retrieve this bait near cover and structure to entice chasing predators. The needle-sharp nose and tail hooks and belly treble hook ensure a solid connection to anything that strikes. Select from a range of popular color patterns to match your local baitfish and add the Acme Tackle Hyper-Glide to your tackle box!

• A perfectly balanced minnow jig that glides on the fall
• Moves with a lively horizontal swimming motion that triggers strikes
• Sonic rattle chamber designed to call fish from a distance
• Sizes and colors to match the look of your local baitfish