Rattlin' Tungsten Google Eye Jig


Product Details

Acme Tackle Rattlin' Tungsten Google Eye Jig

The Acme Tackle Rattlin' Tungsten Google Eye Jig is a balanced jig that's deadly when fished vertically through ice or in open water. It features a bulbous body with large, glass google eyes. Those big, round peepers give this jig the natural look of live prey, plus, each one contains a small bead that creates a loud rattling noise in the strike zone. The jig head is made of dense tungsten that falls faster than lead and allows for a more compact design. You can select from two sizes a range of popular color patterns. Add this sweet jig to your tackle collection today!

• A premium jig with natural contours and buggy google eyes that rattle
• Design ensures perfect balance for more affecting vertical jigging
• Made from dense tungsten for fast sinking with a small profile
• Super sharp hook penetrates on contact and won't let go