Tungsten Sling Blade Jig


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Acme Tackle Tungsten Sling Blade Jig

The Tungsten Sling Blade Jig from The Acme Tackle is a classic teardrop-shaped jig with a significant upgrade—it's the only ice jig you'll find with a free-swinging hook! The innovative configuration allows the hook to move in-line with the jig and adds an irresistible whipping movement to whatever bait or plastic you thread on. A compact shape, flashy color patterns, and big eyes give this jig an enticing appearance. This innovative ice jig will outperform standard jigs every time, and you'll keep using it long after the thaw. Select your size and color and get the Acme Tackle Tungsten Sling Blade Jig today!

• A premium tungsten ice jig with an innovative design
• Swing hook hinges to create a tail whipping action that triggers strikes
• Precisely balanced to enable more affecting vertical jigging presentations
• Needle-sharp hook penetrates instantly and won't let go