Backstabber Lipless Crankbait - Assorted Colors


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Backstabber Lipless Crankbait - Assorted Colors

The Backstabber Lipless Crankbait is designed with a difference—instead of a standard belly hook, there's a treble hook connected to the back of the bait. This helps make it more snag-resistance than conventional lipless crankbaits, but it also increases your chances of getting a solid, top-lip hook-up that will secure your fish all the way to the boat. Both the back hook and the rear hook rotate 360-degrees so they're ready for any angle of attack. When you yo-yo it in deep water or burn it through grass, the Backstabber Lipless Crankbait produces as tight, attractive wiggling action. The next time conditions call for a lipless crankbait, reach for one that's designed to go anywhere and increase your hookup ratio. Have the Backstabber Lipless Crankbait on hand!

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Size: Assorted
Color: Assorted