Super Wax Tip-Up Line


Product Details

Beaver Dam Super Wax Tip-Up Line

"Beaver Dam Super Wax Tip-Up Line is a premium line that's made to maximize the performance of your tip-ups. As experts in ice fishing tackle for 50 years, the pros at Beaver Dam were able to define the specification for the ultimate tip-up line—abrasion-resistant, non-freezing braid that's got a smooth synthetic wax coating to make it easy to work with. Select the pound test that's right for your rig and spool up with Beaver Dam Super Wax Tip-Up Line!

• A high-performance waxed braid that's designed for use with tip-ups
• Abrasion-resistant to stand up to the toughest conditions
• Synthetic wax coating keeps this line flexible and easy to handle
• Tough, shock-resistant braid that won’t freeze"